The Bumpy Road (Large Print Edition): Farm Life in the Great Depression

Step back in time to the tiny farm community of Osage Bend, Missouri, circa 1930-1945…*** LARGE PRINT EDITION ***Part memoir, part how-to manual, The Bumpy Road paints a vivid picture of life on the farm during the Great Depression. The author, recounting stories from his boyhood, brings to life the everyday trials and tribulations of his family and neighbors as they struggle to survive under daunting economic conditions. The hard work they put in was a given (to them), and their solutions to everyday problems were ingenious by necessity. And yet, they still found time to socialize and make the church the center of their lives. These tenacious people always looked to the future with hope and determination, and that comes shining through in this book. Depression-era, yes, depressing, no!So discover the many facets of running a farm, how chores were done, the importance of family, and the many things that tied the community together. Marvel at the strength and resourcefulness of these rural Missourians—and take some of that for yourself as we endure our own difficult times today.Bonus: Includes photos and illustrations of farm tools, implements, and household items from the era, many of which you can now only find in museums.

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Book Title: The Bumpy Road (Large Print Edition): Farm Life in the Great Depression

Book Author: Quentin F. Veit,Ellen M Meyer

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