Summary: Where the Crawdads Sing a book by Delia Owens

The story of a girl who keeps getting abandoned by anyone she loves.The story of a girl who learns to live all by herself in the marsh at a tender age of 6.The story of a girl who finds solace in the marsh and fears the town.Where the Crawdads Sing is a story of Kya, who fears loneliness but ultimately feels more secure all by herself.Her mother left her and didn't even look back. Her siblings left because of the abusive nature of their father but didn't take her.Her alcoholic father didn't care for her and remained absent for days leaving that 6 year old girl to fend for herself all by herself in that marsh.The people in the town considered her filthy, strange, and weird.That girl grew up in that marsh living all by herself.This is an amazing story of that girl who manages to learn to read and write and becomes a published author.This is also the story of a murder mystery in which she gets embroiled and the way she gets out of it.It is an amazing story but it is running in two different timeframes. It keeps shifting to and fro in the past and the future.This summary would help you in understanding the events in the story with greater clarity.You'd get to know the whole story in short without missing important details.It would keep the pace of the story intact and wouldn't tilt on one side.You will not only get to know the story without having to invest a lot of your time but you will also get a very good understanding of the story.From a detailed overview of the story to the main characters, all have been given their place in this book.In this book, you will find:    • Overview of the book    • Central characters of the book    • Summary of the book in a sequential mannerIf you want to fully understand the story of Where the Crawdads Sing with just an investment of an hour, this book is a must-read for you.The overview of the book will help you understand the viewpoint of the book and the flow it is going to take. You can also read the central characters, in the beginning, to make understanding the story easy in the flow.If you want to get a good grip on the story with a grasp on all the important points, this summary would be a great read.Disclaimer: This is a summary and not the original book.

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Book Title: Summary: Where the Crawdads Sing a book by Delia Owens

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