This comprehensive collection includes all of Quintus Curtius's important essays from 2016 to January 2020.  "No branch of knowledge," as the author says, "is tangential to the curve of wisdom."  The range of topics is diverse, and includes history, moral and ethical philosophy, travel and exploration, language, and the wisdom of the Near East.  The essays are grouped into four sections for easy reference:I.  ThoughtII.  The Wisdom of the Near EastIII.  Travel and ExplorationIV.  History, Language, and LiteratureThese penetrating and inspiring writings provide a window into a philosophy of life based on a belief in achievement through struggle, the redemptive power of wisdom, the value of moral goodness, and the necessity of direct experience. Each essay stands alone by itself, a convenient fact that allows the book to be opened and read at any place, and at any time.Annotated, with introduction, illustrations and a detailed index for easy reference.  

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Book Title: Digest

Book Author: Quintus Curtius

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ISBN: 0578645874