Dating After Marriage Chronicles

The following stories are dating accounts of women who were once married during aparticular time period. Some of you may recall, back in the day, when men seemed to act moreresponsibly, while exhibiting some semblance of great character and integrity at the same time.Don’t get us wrong. Men were never perfect; none of us are flawless. However, there was a timewhen having a family unit was important to them and representative of them being well-rounded,successful men. They were determined to leave behind a legacy; not a trail of foolishness, lies,and trifling behavior. As you read these stories, we hope that they persuade, inform, andentertain you. Please have some laughs on us and, most importantly, learn some great lessons.We took several for the team, so you won’t have to. Enjoy!This is not intended to be a proverbial “male-bashing” book. It was written with love andin an effort to share stories and tales of dating after many years of marriage. Hopefully, you willlearn how to maneuver in the new age of dating where everything is quick, virtual, or maskedbehind a text where people tend to hide and lie. With that said, the identity of the peoplementioned in the stories have been changed to protect the guilty, guiltier, and the ones that aretoo guilty to even give a label. We had a great time reflecting upon and sharing these datingexperiences with you all. We hope you laugh a lot, appreciate the lessons and messages and,most of all, heal whatever areas you need to. In the end, maybe you will reach the greatest version of yourself so you can attract your perfect mate; someone on your frequency. Trust, itain’t easy.

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Book Title: Dating After Marriage Chronicles

Book Author: Queen Aishah Eboni Caldwell,Queen Aishah,Eboni Caldwell

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