Wife of a Crime Boss

Liliana grew up in a small town in Colombia. Her family was part of a powerful Cartel. She grew up learning the family business along with her older brother. A war between the two most powerful families led her family to relocate to the United States. Trying to fit in was difficult but with the help of her two best friends, she was able to navigate through high school and live a normal life. Until her eyes landed on Sean. She was intrigued by the tall, brown, handsome man. The Knight Crime family has been running things since the ’70s. Father Gavin wants to step down from being the boss and the two oldest boys, Deion and Sean, want to step into the role, causing tension between them. Gavin’s decision causes the boys to grow apart. After someone betrayed him, he comes home from prison on a mission to take over the drug game. But two things are standing in his way. Finding a connect and going to war against his flesh and blood. With help from someone he least expected, Sean is able to step into the role of a Crime Boss.Liliana and Sean were made for each other, but her family didn’t want them together. Her being with Sean meant their cover would be blown, and their lives would be in danger. She had to choose between Sean and her family. Is it family over everything or would she give it all up to be the Wife of a Crime Boss?

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Book Title: Wife of a Crime Boss

Book Author: Quasia

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